June 15, 2005

Enforcing the New Law

Utah's brand new homeschool law eliminates many of the requirements that homeschoolers previously were forced to comply with, including the requirement that each homeschool be "approved" by the school district. Changing the law was the biggest step, but now homeschoolers must stand together to make sure that each district understands the new law.

HSLDA has already received word of at least one school district attempting to enforce the old law for the upcoming school year. The Davis School District sent its homeschool families a packet, asking them to request approval of their homeschool. Thankfully, at least one Davis HSLDA member family caught the mistake and forwarded the information to HSLDA.

This is not a new scenario. A few years ago Ohio changed its homeschool regulations from "approval" to "notice," but HSLDA still has to send letters to school districts explaining the difference and to make sure they understand the law. Ohio homeschoolers have successfully monitored their new law and Utah families will need to be vigilant to ensure that the new law is correctly applied by school districts.

If your school district asks you to submit the old approval paperwork, please contact HSLDA immediately. We have written to the Davis School District, and we will contact any other district that has failed to note the changes in the law. Thank you for standing with us for freedom.