April 30, 2003

Homeschool College Admisisons Bill Moves To Texas Senate

The Texas House of Representatives passed House Bill 944. The bill enables homeschoolers, which are defined in Texas as home-based private school students, to compete on a level playing field with graduates of public high schools. H.B. 944 is now pending in the Texas Senate. "If this bill becomes law it will be a significant step forward for home-based private school graduates in Texas," said Chris Klicka Senior Counsel for the Home School Legal Defense Association.

The Texas House has corrected an anomaly in the law, which discriminated against home-based private school graduates. In the past some Texas universities have held home-based private school graduates to both a different and higher standard than others. The most frequently used discriminatory practice is to require such graduates to have significantly higher test scores than other students. The Texas House recognized that the double standard applied to home-based private school students was simply unfair.

House Bill 944, introduced by Representative Phil King, requires colleges and universities to admit graduates of home-based private school programs according to the same standards that are applied to graduates from public high schools. The bill ends the discrimination by state universities against qualified these graduates.

"It's common sense that home-based private school students should be held to the same standard as public school students when applying for college," said Klicka.