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New York
New York

August 2, 2016

You Are On Probation!


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As soon they opened the letter from the Randolph Central School District, our member family knew that they had to contact HSLDA. In the first few paragraphs of his letter, the superintendent informed the family that the annual assessment for one of their children was not good enough and they would be placed on probation.

Tj Schmidt TJ SCHMIDT Contact attorney for New York

The letter went on to inform the family that they would have to develop a remediation program for their child and submit it to the school district for review.

The family contacted us and explained that they had submitted standardize achievement test results to the local school district in order to fulfill the annual assessment requirement for their three children. All of the children had scored well above the minimum composite percentile required by New York law. However, the superintendent had pounced on one of the children’s sub-test score that was not above the 33rd percentile.

HSLDA Staff Attorney Tj Schmidt wrote a letter informing the superintendent that New York law states that a student’s standardized achievement test is automatically deemed adequate if the student’s composite score is above the 33rd percentile on national norms—regardless of any individual sub-test score. Schmidt pointed out that the composite score of the child they were complaining about was at the 48th percentile, well above the minimum score required.

We expect Randolph Central School District to drop their claim that the child needs to be placed on probation and have a remediation plan. Meanwhile, we are assisting other families who are facing similar claims by their local school districts.