November 5, 2002

Nevada Board of Education Meets With Homeschoolers

On Saturday, October 19, 2002, Home School Legal Defense Association and homeschoolers from across the state of Nevada met with the State Board of Education to discuss beneficial changes to the state regulations governing homeschooling.

Many homeschoolers from both southern and northern Nevada, including Frank Schnorbus (President of the Northern Nevada Homeschool Advisory Council) and Elissa Wahl (President of the newly-formed Nevada Homeschool Network), testified at the workshop. These homeschoolers unanimously proposed that the current regulations be simplified, removing some of the restrictions homeschoolers have dealt with for years.

Dr. Brian Ray from the National Home Education Research Institute and Darren Jones from HSLDA also presented information on why the Board should change the regulations. While the Board did not make any official comment, many of the members seemed open to the proposal.

HSLDA had worked many hours during the preceding two weeks with Nevada homeschool leaders to draft the proposed regulations. The primary goals of these draft regulations is to free Nevada homeschoolers from the Content and Performance Standards and eliminate the current requirement that families submit a calendar of proposed days consisting of a particular number of required minutes.

After hearing testimony, the Board agreed to hold an official public hearing on December 14 at their next meeting. It appears that they will vote on the regulations at that time.

The Nevada Homeschool Network is encouraging families, or even homeschooled children, to write letters of support for the proposed NAC changes. Some points to stress are:

Parents directing own children's education
Freedom in that direction
Excelling because of that freedom
Proposal allows for more freedom in direction, therefore allowing our kids to excel.

NHN would like these letters to be part of the public record for the next public hearing. They should be mailed to:

Department of Education
Attention: David Sheffield
Suite 100, 700 East Fifth Street

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