New Jersey
New Jersey

May 2, 2013

On the Case:

Charges Dropped, Case Dismissed After HSLDA Intervenes

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Single mom Vernal Rogers (named changed to protect privacy) removed her son from public school in 2008 after the school did not stop the bullies who were harassing him.

In January of 2013, a DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services) representative showed up at her door and told Vernal that she was suspected of educational neglect in connection with homeschooling her son. The DYFS worker demanded to see Vernal’s homeschool curriculum.

A member of HSLDA, Vernal quickly called for help. Based upon our guidance, she showed the DYFS worker a copy of the “Frequently Asked Questions” published by the New Jersey Department of Education, but refused to submit her curriculum for inspection. The DYFS worker left unhappy.

In Court

DYFS subsequently went to court and asked a judge to order Vernal to submit to the DYFS investigation. HSLDA hired River Vale attorney Grace Meyer to represent the family locally.

Working closely with HSLDA attorneys, Meyer showed the prosecuting attorney the program Vernal was using for her son. It consisted primarily of a well-organized set of interactive online materials in all major subject areas tightly focused on preparing a young person to pass the GED test.

Seeing that the young man was receiving a solid education, the prosecuting attorney dismissed the case without the family ever appearing before the judge. DYFS subsequently notified Vernal that the allegations against her were “unfounded.”

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