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December 15, 2010

Government Orders Fair Hiring Treatment for Homeschoolers

Law Enforcement Agencies Required to Treat Homeschoolers the Same as Others

In 2009, the law specifying the required education for a peace officer or highway patrol officer was changed. The requirement of graduating from an “accredited high school” was deleted and replaced with the simpler requirement that the applicant complete a high school education under chapter 167.

Revised statutes:

Chapter 43 Highway Patrol, State Section 43.060

Chapter 590 Peace Officers, Selection, Training and Discipline Section 590.030

Additional comment: As of December 6, 2010, the Missouri Highway Patrol was taking the position that a student who finished high school through homeschooling in a state other than Missouri did not satisfy the requirement of having an education “under chapter 167.”

Government Agencies Forbidden From Discriminating Against Homeschoolers in Hiring

On July 9, 2009, the governor signed Senate Bill 232 into law. This law forbids any state or local government agency from discriminating in hiring, etc. based on the manner in which an individual completed high school, so long as the education program was permitted under Missouri law. RSMo 105.255.

Revised statute:

Chapter 105 Public Officers and Employees—Miscellaneous Provisions Section 105.255

Additional comment: As passed, this new law would have been codified as section 167.043. However, it was finally codified at 105.255. The new law has no direct impact on private employers or federal employers.

State, Municipal Agencies, Subdivisions Prohibited From Employment discrimination Based on Education

In 2009, the Missouri Legislature enacted Senate Bill 232 prohibiting municipal and state agencies, and subdivisions from employment discrimination so long as the applicant received an education “permitted under Missouri law.”

This was enacted as §167.043. It was subsequently moved to §105.255.

Legislation and statute:

Senate Bill 232

Chapter 105 Public Officers and Employees—Miscellaneous Provisions Section 105.255