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June 11, 2007

Wheaton School District ‘Checks Up’ on Homeschool Family

A member family in the Wheaton area contacted Home School Legal Defense Association because they had received a letter from the Assistant Regional Superintendent in their district. They immediately faxed the letter to HSLDA for guidance.

The letter said that the school was concerned about the education of the children in the homeschool setting. In order to ensure that the students were receiving an education, the letter asked for documentation on curriculum completed, a portfolio documenting the subjects taught and time frame in which they were taught, as well as some type of written exam to show that the child’s level of achievement is comparable to that of the child's peers of corresponding age and grade level.

Due to the outlandish requests contained in the letter, HSLDA responded to the letter on behalf of the member family.

Attorney Chris Klicka wrote in the response letter that the superintendent did not have legal jurisdiction over the homeschool family to make these requests. Klicka also explained the homeschool law in Illinois and assured the superintendent that the family was fulfilling the requirements in order to operate a legal homeschool program, and that the family was declining to fulfill the requests of the superintendent.

The school district has declined to contact our member family any further.

If any of you in the Wheaton area receive such a letter, please contact HSLDA immediately.