September 5, 2013

Fort Dodge Pushes Form for Homeschool Option that Requires No Filing

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The Fort Dodge Community School District recently gave area homeschool families a form they call “Form B,” and asked families choosing Option 4 (Private Instruction, not filing Form A) to submit it.

However, families operating under Option 4 do not need to give any notice at all to the public schools. These families simply follow the requirements for Option 4 on their own recognizance. This reduces paperwork for everyone.

Letter of Explanation

HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott Woodruff previously sent a letter to the Fort Dodge school system explaining that Option 4 families do not need to file any paperwork at all. In response to their recent request, he also called the district homeschool coordinator and reminded her that Option 4 families do not need to file anything at all. Her response to Woodruff included the following statement: “We are simply doing it for paperwork.”

HF 215 was enacted, in part, to reduce paperwork, because paperwork imposes a cost on parents and administrators alike. But the response of the coordinator reminds us that it could take years to change the attitudes of Iowa school administrators.

You can help! If you file a form that is not legally necessary, you encourage the mentality that paperwork is good in and of itself. On the other hand, every time you patiently and kindly remind administrators that no paperwork is due, you help them adjust to the new reality of paperless homeschooling in Iowa.

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