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March 5, 2007

Colorado: Homeschoolers Exempted From Compulsory Attendance Age Expansion

The Colorado Legislature is at it again! Last year there was a strong push to extend the age of compulsory attendance from age 16 to age 17 and lower it from 7 to 6. After you received our e-lert, you voiced your opposition to the bill, the attempt to lower the compulsory attendance age from 7 to 6 was dropped, and the sponsor put in an exemption for homeschoolers.

This year, the Senate Bill 16 was introduced to attempt to expand the lower the compulsory attendance again. Treon Goossen, with Concerned Parents of Colorado, has been a strong, articulate voice for homeschoolers at the capitol. She has been present to testify at the committee hearings, and has made sure that the homeschool exception to this bill remains intact. Due to your lobbying efforts last year, the legislators have been very willing to keep the homeschool exemption in. During one of the meetings, a legislator said that they would do what they had to keep the homeschoolers happy, or they would face their wrath!

So far S.B. 16 has passed both the Senate and the House with the homeschool exemption in place. It will now go to Governor Ritter for his approval.

Thank you for being ready to defend your homeschool freedoms-the homeschool lobby has been a powerful force, and the legislators continue to listen.