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July 25, 2012

Family Writes Bestseller About Homeschool Journey

Submitted by Taiwan Homeschool Advocates

“Our Home is an International School” cover

A book written by a homeschool family has become a bestseller in Taiwan, attracting media attention while boosting the number of homeschooling applicants at the same time. Our Home is an International School (我家就是國際學校) has already stirred interest in overseas Taiwanese and Chinese communities in Poland, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the USA. Media interest in this first-hand introduction to the life of a busy homeschooling family has also encouraged the Taiwanese government to revise its long-standing policy of forbidding homeschoolers to attend university unless they pass the GED test first.

Authors Dorota Chen-Wernik and Tim Chen, are well-known homeschooling leaders in Taiwan. Tim, a graduate of University of Washington with an MBA and MA in International Studies, has been involved in setting up Taiwan Homeschool Advocates, a national homeschooling support network. He has actively supported two bills to legally recognize homeschooling from Grade 1 to 12 as part of Taiwan’s national education system. Dorota, an MA in Sinology from Warsaw University in Poland and a Montessori-certified teacher (from the Montessori Centre International in London), has been active in helping international families to homeschool in Taiwan.

At the “Our Home is an International School” book signing

The book describes how Dorota and Tim spent the last 10 years home educating their daughter, Zosia, and son, Jas. In the land of cramming for tests, Dorota and Tim have decided to keep their kids out of public schools so the children can concentrate on learning instead of exam-taking. Their family also uses the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling to travel extensively in Asia, Europe and North America, turning their multilingual homeschool into an international school.

Tim Chen and son Jas at the book signing

Dorota and Tim wrote this book to raise public awareness of homeschooling in Taiwan and beyond. It sold more copies in the first month than the total number of homeschooled students in Taiwan. The book is published by Business Weekly Publications, Inc. in Taipei, Taiwan, and it is available in traditional Chinese characters. If you like to see an English version published, please let us know via Facebook.

Taiwan Homeschool Advocates is a national homeschooling support group.

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