January 4, 2003

Homeschooling in Switzerland

Homeschooling in Switzerland is legal in most cantons and is growing as a movement. Switzerland has 26 cantons (similar to states in the U.S.) and each canton has its own education law. Many cantons allow home education while some require a teaching certificate and others forbid home education. Home education requirements are implemented and enforced at the local level.

While the freedom of parents to educate their children at home seems to be guaranteed by the national constitution and educational laws, this has yet to be tested in court.

There are an estimated 100 families who are currently homeschooling in Switzerland, with between 150 and 500 children taught at home. The exact number is difficult to estimate as many homeschoolers do not report to their cantons and local educational authorities are not permitted to disseminate private information about homeschoolers.

For a partial list in English on specific cantons go to: www.Cruxmove.com/SwissHomeSchooling.htm