September 3, 2013

We Need to Shame Germany: "Stop Your Kidnapping"

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends ,

  Michael Farris
Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman and homeschooling father of 10

Years ago, I was deeply involved in human rights campaigns on behalf of Christians and Jews who were being systematically persecuted by the Soviet Union and its allies. There was one crucial weapon that eventually led to real progress and protection for innocent people. The Soviet Union’s behavior had to be publicly identified for its inhumanity to bring the weight of public opinion against their brutality. We had to shame them. 

This is going to be necessary to stop Germany from breaking into the homes of innocent homeschooling families and kidnapping their children. Such actions are not legitimate law enforcement—this is criminal behavior by Germany. We, of course, believe that Germany’s behavior violates God’s moral law, but Germany is not likely to recognize this basis of law. However, Germany has agreed to adhere to the standards of international human rights law.

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International human rights law makes it absolutely clear that parents have the right to provide their children an education that is consistent with the parents’ religious convictions. Germany boldly proclaims that it wants to make sure that children are taught values other than those embraced by parents. Germany’s own statements make it clear that they have decided to break the law that they have signed.

Seizing children for this illegal purpose is nothing short of an international criminal act. It is kidnapping.

And we must publically expose Germany’s unlawful behavior and shame them. 

To this end, we have prepared an ad for newspapers that we want to run both in the United States and in Germany. (Click here to view the full-page ad.) We must keep the pressure on this rogue nation until it releases the Wunderlich children and legalizes homeschooling.

Each ad will cost thousands of dollars. We will run as many ads as we can based on the response to this email. If you want to speak up in a way that has worked so effectively in the past, please help fight for human rights and freedom today by making a tax-deductible gift to the Homeschool Freedom Fund.

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Standing with you for liberty,

Michael Farris