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6/21/2006 11:49:47 AM
Summer Reading for Inspiration

We’d like to suggest two books for your summer which will encourage you and even make you chuckle at times. The Spiritual Power of a Mother, by Michael Farris, HSLDA Chairman, was written specifically to inspire moms as they consider their relationship with God, their husbands, and their children.  Mike’s wife, Vicki Farris, has written a practical, warm, and insightful book entitled A Mom Just Like You.Vicki is a homeschooling mom (of 10 children!), and the book’s chapter titles let you know that Vicki totally relates to your day to day experiences: “Dispelling the Myth of the Supermom,” “Why Am I Doing This Anyway?”, “When Do I Get A Coffeebreak?”, and “Planning a Wedding When Your Baby Won’t Sleep Through the Night,” etc. 


Grab either of these books, a glass of cool lemonade, and be refreshed.