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3/10/2006 2:01:38 PM
Heart to Heart


We want to encourage families who are parenting teenage sons. These are precious years and sons hold a unique spot in mothers’ hearts. So, when difficulties arise, the pain is real to moms. Remember, our teen sons are working through hormonal changes - often not understanding why they feel and act the way they do or what may be going on inside. They are also feeling the need to be independent of mom, and at the same time also feeling the need to have her affection and affirmation. These combinations can result in ups and downs, challenges to mom’s authority, difficulty in focusing on academics, etc. Be assured that your son is not unique in this regard. We, who have sons, all deal with a measure of this so we want to encourage you moms to lean on the Lord and keep your eyes focused on Him so you do not become discouraged and feel as if you are failing in the job God has called you to do. This, too, is for a season. Trust the Lord to give you wisdom for training your son, and for addressing sin – yours and your child’s.  He is a faithful God and will provide you with insight and understanding for your son.  Persevere and enjoy these high school years together.