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4/4/2006 2:59:24 PM
Advanced Placement Courses

If your child is exceptionally motivated academically and you are looking for challenging courses, consider Advanced Placement courses. 


Consider this testimonial from Mark Cruthers, AP teacher and homeschooling cheerleader:

“As a career teacher who has worked with home schoolers for the past several years I would like to recommend the Advanced Placement (AP) program administered by the College Board to the home schooling community.   After my involvement with AP for several years I can not express enough the amazing change this program has brought to my students academically and personally.  Upon the completion of a year of AP European History, with a great deal of hard work a few years ago, I asked one of my students “so are you recovering?” and he said to me, “Mr. Cruthers, I don’t think I’ll ever ‘recover’ after this class.”  I said “What do you mean?” “Well, before this class I was an O.K. student, but after this class I feel I am a much better student.”

Parents and students, I hope you will consider the AP program because the College Board wants to support home schooling and is prepared to accept you into their program.  You do not have to take a “class” at a regular public or private school, you can self study and take the exam for credit in May of each year. Go to AP Central at the College Board website.”


If you have questions you may email Mr. Cruthers: or call EIE Academy at 626-821-0025