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Archive: August 2011
8/24/2011 2:49:01 PM
Stat Trek Free AP Statistics Tutorial

The key word here is free! Stat Trek offers a tutorial that can be used as a study guide for preparing for the AP Statistics test.  But, if your high schooler just wants to be exposed to the study of statistics, this tutorial offers a user friendly approach.

8/16/2011 10:48:03 AM
Listen to Through the Bible in a Year

Your teens may enjoy listening to a Through the Bible in a Year program as part of his daily devotionals. Better yet, enjoy listening together as a family to start your homeschool day!

8/16/2011 10:43:53 AM
Public Speaking Resources

Teaching your teens how to speak confidently in many different forums will be beneficial for their future plans. Communicate with Confidence by Dianna Booher and You’ve Got to Be Believed to Be Heard by Bert Decker can be used as supplements to a public speaking course. Although both books are directed to the business world, your teens will be inspired to focus on communicating well!

8/9/2011 11:03:59 AM
Free Educational Maps
This University of Texas website provides free educational maps including online maps of current event interest such as the Libyan crisis, Japanese earthquake and US gasoline price maps.
8/5/2011 1:17:41 PM
Writing the College Application Essay

Many college applications include an essay.  Make use of the College Board’s tips for college essay writing. You’ll find help for choosing a topic, advice for drafting, sample essay questions, and three steps to get started. Your teen can even take a stab at critiquing two sample essays.

8/5/2011 10:29:08 AM
Free SAT or ACT Comparison Test

Most colleges accept either the SAT or ACT college entrance test.  Check the website of schools to which you’ll apply to see if the school has a test preference. If  not, take this 90 minute practice test designed by Kaplan for an indication as to which test your student is are likely to do better on.

8/5/2011 10:15:55 AM
Finding Scholarship Money

Paying for college is an expensive proposition.  If you are looking for scholarship possibilities, your local public high school website may provide a good starting place.  Some high schools list information for local, state, and national scholarships.  For example, Northwest High School in Germantown, MD provides tips and practical advice to students looking into financial aid. 


The high school website in your area may provide the same kind of helpful advice. If the info is not available on the school’s website, you may want to call the guidance office. Although some guidance counselors may not be willing to share the scholarship info with homeschoolers, you never know until you try!

8/2/2011 1:44:10 PM
Called to Influence
Jeannette Webb, founder of Aiming Higher Consultants, wrote Called to Influence, a book to aid Christian students who are applying to selective colleges.  Jeannette’s wealth of information stems from her personal experience, and her goal of raising children who influence others.
8/2/2011 1:38:19 PM
College Boards Ten Tips for Searching College Websites

Help your teen to get the most out of a college’s website by reading these tips from the College Board.  They lead your teen to information that may determine if a particular college makes the final list of colleges to which he will apply.