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Archive: March 2007
3/22/2007 12:32:16 PM
Thanksusa Virtual History Treasure Hunt

Calling all history buffs and those who want to be! Thanksusa is an organization which raises public and private scholarship funds for the kids and spouses of our troops. It recently launched Treasure Hunt Two so check it out to see if you want to jump in to begin finding the treasure. It’s free to play either on line or with a hard copy mailed to you. Entrants become eligible for prizes by successfully completing each section of the journey and they are automatically eligible for the grand prize upon successfully completing all 13 chapters of the hunt. Beware – you may become hooked once you begin to play!

3/20/2007 2:18:08 PM
Amazing Grace CD’s

If your high schooler has recently seen the new movie, Amazing Grace, you may want to use a new CD series from Focus on the Family to provide a wonderful educational supplement.  The collection of 5 CD’s covers the life stories of John Newton, Olaudah Equiano, and William Wilberforce all of whom were instrumental in abolishing the slave trade in England during the early 1800’s. 

3/12/2007 1:07:18 PM
National Rifle Association Youth Art Contest
The National Rifle Assocation (NRA) is sponsoring a Youth Art Contest for students in grades 1 - 12.  First place prize is $500, and homeschooled students are eligible to enter.  Check out contest details and give your children new motivation to share their artistic skills!
3/2/2007 12:20:33 PM
National Honor Societies for Homeschoolers

If your high schooler is academically gifted, you may want to consider checking out the options for national honor societies and applying for recognition for your child from one of several organizations that accept homeschool applicants. Eta Sigma Alpha, for example, is the first national honor society organized specifically for homeschooled students. Membership in a national honor society is sometimes beneficial when applying to colleges or for scholarship considerations. The article, The Homeschool Student and National Honor Societies, by Erin McRee provides additional helpful information.