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Justice as Norway Returns Stolen Children

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Bodnariu family! People working together can make a difference.



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60,000-100,000 homeschooled children


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One of the few homeschool families remaining in Sweden, Tomas and Marita Sandberg and their children are currently embroiled in a court battle for their decision to teach their children at home. Smålandsnytt, a Swedish regional news program, covers their story.

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Home Education: A Revolutionizing Force

Mike Donnelly

Mike Donnelly
Director of Global Outreach

Home education is catching the attention of the international school choice movement as scholarly journals and professional reports are increasingly featuring home education in their publications or including home education as a benchmark in research on educational freedom.

For example, the international Journal of School Choice is publishing a special edition of their journal including eight of the top papers presented at GHEC 2016. (Watch for the issue available in September of this year.) Robert Maranto, 21st Century Chair in Leadership in the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas, said the issue will be an important contribution to research on home education.

“Taken together, these papers break new ground, and suggest new avenues for additional inquiry. We can expect the homeschooling movement to grow in America and across an increasingly postindustrial world. Perhaps future historians will trace the evolution of education from the home to institutional schooling back to the home, from personalization to bureaucratization back to personalization,” he said.

“The Journal of School Choice is excited to publish this research, because I think homeschooling is one of those really interesting social movements which social science exists to study.”

Not only are American education researchers looking into home education out of academic interest, OIDEL, a Geneva-based NGO, has included home education in its formula to create a global ranking of nations based on their commitment to educational freedom. The Freedom of Education Index is available for download here. The treatment of home education counts for a significant portion of each nation’s overall score, along with other factors such as support for school choice and the numbers of students enrolled in independent schools, among others.

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Justice as Norway Returns Stolen Children

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Bodnariu family! People working together can make a difference.



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