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July 2, 2015


New English I or Algebra I classes for your 9th grader at HSLDA Online Academy.

Homeschooling Thru Highschool Online

High School Notebook

High School Symposium

Spend the day with Carol and Diane as they present four high school seminars covering the major aspects of high school at home. Register for the HSLDA High School Symposium, High School at Home:  Turning Possibility into Reality, on Saturday, November 8, 2015 in Purcellville, VA.
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Carol and Diane’s Upcoming Speaking Events

October 9, 2015: MAP Your Future—Indianapolis, IN (Carol and Diane)

October 23–24, 2015: CHEACC—Naples, FL (Diane)

November 7, 2015: h HSLDA’s High School at Home:  Turning Possibility into Reality—Purcellville, VA (Carol and Diane)

January 23, 2016: Home Educators at Grove—Richmond, VA (Diane)

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Newsletter Exposé: A Tour of the High School Newsletter Archive

Dear Readers,

July is a wonderful time to relax and enjoy your teens. No more lessons, no more books, no more having to read ahead of your students.

This might be an opportune time to do some leisurely research as you think ahead to next year, and now we have made that even easier. HSLDA high school consultants have been publishing Homeschooling thru High School newsletters for almost 10 years!  We have quite an archive of past newsletters from which to draw.

Carol Becker

Diane Kummer
Both of HSLDA’s high school consultants homeschooled their children from kindergarten through the 12th grade. Learn more >>

We offer these free newsletters to anyone who signs up for the service, so please forward this newsletter to friends and invite them to subscribe. HSLDA members have access to all of our newsletter archives while non-members can access any newsletter written within the last two years. If you haven’t yet joined HSLDA, now is a good time to consider the benefits of membership.

With such a wealth of information, resources, and advice, we have redesigned our newsletter archive webpage to make resources easier to find.  Within this article, each section links to new bullets on the HSLDA newsletter index. Within each section, we give a short description of various newsletters to pique your interest.  We hope this new format will make finding useful resources more user friendly. 

Career Guidance

During the early high school years, most teens have no firm post-high school goals or career ideas, and neither did either of us at age 14! See how career/aptitude testing, internship opportunities, or job shadowing prospects can help your teen think long term. Here are more resources to set up these opportunities. Part-time work not only gives teens a realistic understanding of the value of time and money but also addresses self-centeredness and entitlement, and some teens find that part-time work or a summer job either spurs a career’s interest or quickly eliminates it from consideration.  List part-time and summer work on your teen’s resume.

Contests, Honors, Financial Aid & Scholarships

Get the scoop on scholarships and financial aid. Take advantage of HSLDA contests and ways to save for future education or training.  Homeschool teens can compete for awards and honors.


We’ve divided the Encouragement section into four categories:

Assistance and Resources gives practical suggestions. We offer HSLDA consultant services, website resources, Teaching Tips blogs, and Teacher Training opportunities, but we also offer compassionate understanding for parents who are running on empty or need some mentoring.

If Pinterest gives visual stimulation for creative minds, then Create an Interest gives readers stimulation for creative ideas.  As we share ideas and brainstorm out loud, we hope this triggers an imaginative response.  We would love to hear about how you began with one of these ideas and made it your own signature idea!

Homeschooling through high school has its ups and downs. We appreciate it when members contact us by email or phone. We want to hear both your joys and concerns. When you feel alone and underappreciated, please take the time to call and talk with one of us or rest in the encouragement and comfort offered in the Heart-to-Heart section.

During these transformative years, parents teach by example far more effectively than they teach by instruction, so here are some thought-provoking Parenting models to consider.

Extracurricular Activities

Help teens make the most of extracurricular activities by either bringing the world into your homeschool or letting your teen venture out into the community. Here is an amazing opportunity to cultivate a generation of civic leaders. Summer is an opportune time to get teen’s involved in cool camps. Don’t forget to document your teen’s extracurricular activities.

General College Prep

Planning & Search: Here’s some helpful advice from a former Patrick Henry College dean. Consider these parameters to assess colleges and find the best fit.  Take advantage of several college search options and benefit from the advice of three college admissions officers . Read how to begin the necessary documentation, and understand what colleges mean by minimum requirements.

Application & Testing: Read up on the senior year college application process and timeline. Here are excellent tips for requesting letters of recommendation. To pare down the cost of college, read about Advanced Placement (AP) and CLEP exams as well as dual enrollment courses. The number of tests college-bound teens must take can be intimidating, so understand the purpose of each test and view a recommended testing schedule. Read up on the influence of Common Core on college entrance exams.

General High School:  Military, Workforce & Vocational Training

For teens interested in military enlistment, read the latest on the military’s homeschool policy. Teens interested in vocational schools should consider these parameters. For undecided graduates, all is not lost! Consider a gap year, language immersion opportunity, short-term mission trip, or time in the workforce to save money for the next step.

Planning High School & Graduation Guidelines

Let’s begin with a short video explaining the purpose of developing a 4-Year plan for the high school years. Begin to prepare for high school in middle school. Here are practical steps to develop a 4-Year Plan. Take some time during the summer to plan for the school year. By understanding your family’s preferred educational approach, this will help you better choose curriculum.

The list of high school milestones can seem daunting, so let’s discuss the important pit stops year by year. Understanding your teen’s academic strengths and weaknesses will help you make more realistic plans. Although we encourage parents to teach all or most of the high school courses, we know many parents need help with some academic subjects. Outside courses and private tutors offer some very real benefits.

You will find links to state homeschooling laws and suggested graduation here. Then make plans to celebrate your teen’s graduation in a special way!

Grading, Transcripts & Recordkeeping

Final grades are important in the high school years because they demonstrate to others how well our teens have mastered a course. Consider these reasons to grade your teen’s weekly assignments and some methodologies to simplify final course grades.

To understand the big picture for transcripts, view this short video. For more details on creating a transcript, read this article. To compute both the yearly and cumulative Grade Point Averages (GPAs), reference this newsletter.

Here are the records we encourage parents to keep during high school and reasons why these records are important. Teens interested in competing in the NCAA, gaining admission to a selective college, or applying for scholarships will need course descriptions.

Teaching English (Reading & Writing)

Here are the four components of a solid high school English course. Let’s consider ways to nurture a love of reading. Here are lists of recommended books to read. Good books have ideas and themes worth discussing, and this article helps parents lead such discussions.

Students need to develop good written and oral communication skills, and this article explains the structure of paragraphs and essays. For advice on papers to assign, writing prompts to use, and suggestions on ways to grade compositions, peruse this article.

Teaching History & Social Studies

This article explains the general history courses most students take during high school. Here are ideas to kindle and capture a student’s interest. Consider some great resources to help teach government and civics.

Teaching Math, Science & Foreign Language

For guidelines on math requirements for both general high school and college-bound teens need, view this article. Scan this article for guidance on enrichment resources for teaching foreign languages. Take a fresh take on the beauty of teaching science. Consider forming a small science co-op; you will find practical tips in this Court Report.

Teaching Electives

If academic subjects are the bones and muscles of a course of study, then electives are the five senses. They add interest and beauty. We highly encourage parents to follow their teen’s interests, talents, and abilities when selecting electives. You can bring the world into your homeschool, whet your teen’s appetite, expand your homeschool into the community, incorporate interesting field trips, spice up your teen’s program, or stimulate student interest. We explain the difference between electives and extracurricular here. Remember that physical education is an important part of training the mind and body.

Time Management, Research, Study Skills & Motivation

In high school, parents and teens form a partnership. This article addresses practical ways to develop study skills and time management. For more resources on note-taking, outlining, self-pacing, and organizing read this motivating article. Here are resources to teach teens research skills. To help teens establish a balance between academic subjects, community service, and family responsibilities, view resources here.

Motivation is a complex subject. Most parents want their teens to become lifetime learners, and this article helps parents consider the stages necessary to develop independent learners. Hands-on learning projects can excite teen interest. Finally, let’s keep expectations realistic.

We hope that taking a tour through our reorganized newsletter archive gives you fresh insights into the many resources available to homeschooling families and helps you homeschool high school with confidence.  Join us next month as we weigh in on honor courses.

Enjoying these pleasant summer days,

Carol Becker and Diane Kummer
HSLDA High School Consultants

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