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HSLDA Alerts & Information (VA)

12/19/2016Need Birth Certificate in Franklin County for Religious Exemption?
10/26/2016Attend November 9 Meeting to Protect Vaccine Exemptions
7/29/2016Trust HSLDA--Not Public School--for Vaccination, Homeschool Answers
7/26/2016Attend August 3 Meeting to Protect Vaccine Exemptions
4/13/2016Health, Early Education among Top Issues at 2016 Legislature
2/12/2016Call to Stop Government Expansion into Lives of Babies and Toddlers
2/9/2016Act Now to Stop State Proposal to "Teach" Babies
1/28/2016Freedom is Safe: Sponsor Withdraws Vaccination Bill!
1/27/2016Call Today to Protect Religious Freedom in Vaccinations
1/27/2016Slight Correction to Vaccination E-lert