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11/19/2014Please RSVP! Dad's Night Out in Harrisonburg!
11/18/2014Dad's Night Out in Harrisonburg!
10/27/2014Meet Mike Farris at James Madison University
10/24/2014Virginia--Carroll County Seeking Inappropriate Religious Exemption Information
10/15/2014Virginia--Hanover Calling Religious Exemption References
9/5/2014Virginia--Hampton Religious Exemption Form: Problem and Solution
8/22/2014Join Michael Farris at a Convention of States Debate in Manassas August 28
8/13/2014Virginia: Updated Hampton Notice Still Gets it Wrong
8/4/2014Hampton Won't "Accept" Your Notice of Intent?
7/23/2014Hampton: What's Wrong With Their Notice of Intent Form?
7/21/2014Virginia: Know the Law to Protect Your Freedom
7/14/2014Virginia--Carroll Requests Religious Exemption Renewal
7/9/2014Virginia--City of Roanoke Requests Religious Exemption Renewal
5/7/2014VIRGINIA--Stop Fairfax Homeschool Co-op Killer Ordinance
4/30/2014Virginia--Another Test Letter Blooper in Williamsburg-James City County
3/17/2014Virginia--Buckingham County Update
3/10/2014Keep Contacting School Board, Attend Wednesday Meeting
3/10/2014Virginia--Caroline County Board Meeting Today at 5:30 p.m.
3/7/2014VIRGINIA--Buckingham Superintendent Remains Defiant--Update
3/4/2014Virginia--Act to Protect Faith-based Homeschooling in Buckingham County
2/26/2014Virginia--Movement in Caroline County on Religious Exemption
2/12/2014Virginia--Statewide Threat to Religious Exemption: Spotlights Needed
2/11/2014Virginia--Caroline County School Board's Surprise!
2/7/2014Virginia--Attend Board Meeting to Protect Religious Freedom in Pittsylvania
1/31/2014Virginia: Faith-Based Education Win!
1/28/2014Virginia--Crucial Week to Stop Attack on Faith-Based Homeschooling
1/21/2014Join Mike Farris in Richmond to Rally for Liberty
1/17/2014Virginia--Call Committee to Protect the Religious Exemption
1/13/2014Virginia--Call Now to Thwart Attack on Faith-Based Homeschooling