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HSLDA Alerts & Information (VA)

11/3/2013Urgent calls needed to Senator Kaine about UN Disabilities Treaty
8/13/2013Important Notice for Homeschool Students Receiving Social Security Benefits
7/10/2013HSLDA Attorney Will Estrada to Speak at Lynchburg Event Tomorrow Evening
5/17/2013Virginia: HSLDA's Chairman and High School Consultant at 2013 HEAV Convention!
2/22/2013Virginia: Landmark Parents' Rights Bill Heads to Governor
2/19/2013Virginia--Calls Needed Now to Advance Parental Rights Bill
2/12/2013Virginia--Call Now to Put "Education" into Parental Rights Bill
2/12/2013Support Delegate Bell's Tebow Bill
2/8/2013Virginia--Call Now to Support SB 908 As Passed!
2/8/2013Virginia:HSLDA Federal Relations Director to Speak in Alexandria Tuesday Evening
2/5/2013Virginia--Excellent Progress on Parents Rights!
1/31/2013Virginia--Call Members of House Now, Only
1/31/2013Virginia: Iaquinto Clarification
1/31/2013Virginia: Ask Iaquinto to Support Parental Rights
1/30/2013Virginia--Clarification on Calls
1/30/2013Virginia--Urgent--Please Call--Crucial Tests for Parental Rights Bills Coming
1/28/2013Virginia--Calls Needed Now to Advance Parental Rights Bill
1/25/2013Virginia--Calls Needed Urgently to Help Parental Rights Bill
1/18/2013Virginia--Update on Parental Rights Bill, Sports Access
1/17/2013Virginia--Calls Still Needed to Help Parental Rights Bill
1/11/2013Virginia--Calls Needed to Help Parental Rights Bill