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HSLDA Alerts & Information (VA)

9/12/2012Virginia-- Defending the Religious Exemption
8/3/2012Virginia: Reminder--Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend
7/13/2012Reminder--Evaluations and Notice of Intent Due in August
7/12/2012Virginia: Webinar Explains Homeschool Law Change
5/2/2012Virginia: Pick up Some Savings at the 2012 HEAV Convention!
3/9/2012Leadership in the Law Summer Camp 2012
3/1/2012Virginia--Legislative Update
2/24/2012Virginia: Crucial Date for Sports Bill Coming
2/8/2012Virginia: Correction
2/7/2012VIRGINIA--Victory for Freedom! SB 564 Passes 23-17
2/7/2012Virginia: Call Today by Noon For "Curriculum Description" Fix
2/3/2012Virginia: Call By Monday 11:00 a.m. For "Curriculum Description" Fix
2/1/2012Virginia: Free Webinar Keeps You Caught Up On Legislation
1/31/2012Virginia--Update: Committee Votes "Yes" on Curriculum Description Repair Bill
1/26/2012Virginia--Update: Curriculum Description, Sports Bills Pass First Test
1/25/2012Urgent: Call Today, Attend Hearings Tomorrow to Fix Curriculum Description
1/24/2012Virginia: Crucial Hearing on Sports Bill Thursday Morning
1/20/2012Virginia--Reform "Curriculum Description" Requirement