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10/31/2006Virginia: Please Help George Allen Win
10/31/2006Virginia--Your Vote Crucial in Preserving Homeschool Freedom
10/30/2006Virginia--Marriage Amendment on November 7 Ballot
10/17/2006HSLDA: Announcing the Williamsburg Homeschool Support Group Seminar
10/12/2006HSLDA--Senator Allen to Speak at Patrick Henry College
9/26/2006Virginia--Calls Needed Now to Help Pass Tax Credit for Homeschoolers
9/25/2006Virginia--Homeschool Leadership Conference
8/31/2006HSLDA Announces "Building Your Homeschool Together" Seminar
7/27/2006HSLDA: Hear Ye, Hear Ye--You are Cordially Invited to a Convention
7/25/2006Virginia: Year-end Assessment Deadline Approaching
7/6/2006Virginia--Freedom Expands for Homeschoolers
5/17/2006Virginia--Act Now for PSAT Registration
5/16/2006Revised Hearing Time for Anti-Family Ordinance in Clarke County
5/15/2006Virginia--Hearing Tomorrow on Proposed Anti-Family Ordinance
5/8/2006Virginia--School District Can't Dictate Test Form
4/26/2006Guidance for Prince William County Homeschoolers Regarding Letter
3/10/2006Virginia--Ordinance Criminalizing Large Families is Tabled
3/2/2006Virginia--Clarke County Anti-Family Ordinance Up for Hearing Tomorrow
2/21/2006Virginia--Update: College Degree Requirement to be Removed
1/30/2006Virginia--Victory for Homeschool Freedom Bill
1/27/2006Virginia--Calls Needed to Support Homeschool Freedom Bill
1/25/2006Virginia--Calls Needed to Support Homeschool Freedom Bill
1/25/2006Virginia-UPDATE-Subcommittee Rejects Giving Control to Superintendents
1/17/2006HSLDA--'Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Homeschooling Family'
1/13/2006HSLDA--Act Now to Stop House Bill 537
1/12/2006HSLDA--Breakthrough on PSAT and AP in Virginia Beach