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HSLDA Alerts & Information (VA)
February 2005

2/25/2005Virginia--Homeschool Testing Freedom Protected
2/25/2005Virginia--Please Call Immediately to Stop the State Choosing Tests for Homeschoolers
2/23/2005Virginia--Please Call Immediately - Testing Freedom in Hands of Conference Committee
2/18/2005Virginia--Calls Needed Urgently Monday Morning--Testing Freedom in Hands of Conference Committee
2/17/2005Virginia--Calls Needed Urgently--Testing Freedom In Jeopardy
2/16/2005Virginia--Please Call Immediately!--Testing Freedom Bill Set for Crucial Vote Today
2/14/2005Virginia--More Calls Needed to Support $250 Tax Deduction for Homeschooling
2/14/2005Virginia--Senate Unanimously Approves Testing Freedom Bill
2/11/2005Virginia--Calls Needed - House Bill 1770: Possible Vote this Monday on Testing Freedom Bill
2/10/2005Virginia--Victory for Testing Freedom for Homeschoolers
2/10/2005Virginia Passes Marriage Amendment
2/9/2005Virginia--Calls Needed to Support $250 Tax Deduction for Homeschooling
2/4/2005Virginia--Homeschool Case Postponed in Franklin County
2/2/2005Opportunity for Southwest Virginia Members to Meet with HSLDA Attorney Scott Woodruff
2/2/2005Virginia--Calls Needed Today to Support $1200 Tax Credit for Homeschooling