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HSLDA Alerts & Information (NH)

11/8/2013Call BOE to Protest Unreasonable Government Intrusion into the Family!
11/3/2013Urgent calls needed to Senator Shaheen about UN Disabilities Treaty
10/7/2013Action Requested to Defend Homeschool Freedom
6/19/2013Homeschoolers Eligible for Tax Credit Scholarships, Not Religious Schools
6/11/2013New Hampshire: Too Late to Change HB 295- No Further Action Needed
6/5/2013Background Checks and Licensure for Parents? Action Needed!
5/22/2013Reminder: Lawsuit Update and End-of-Year Requirements
4/10/2013Your Action Needed to Defend Parental Freedom in Education!
3/26/2013New Hampshire: Pick up some savings at the 2013 CHENH State Convention!
3/20/2013Senator Hosmer Needs to Hear from You!
3/19/2013New Hampshire: Your Action Needed to Defend Parental Freedom in Education!
1/29/2013Defend Education Tax Credit for Homeschoolers and Private Schools
1/9/2013Freedom Alert--New Hampshire Legislature Now in Session!