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HSLDA Alerts & Information (NH)

12/9/2010New Hampshire: Still Time to Join Tonight's Legislative Discussion
12/8/2010New Hampshire: New Law? No Law? Let's Talk Tomorrow Night!
12/3/2010New Hampshire--Homescholers on Offense in the State House?
8/3/2010New Hampshire--Reminder: Annual Notice Due to Participating Agency
6/18/2010New Hampshire--Reminder: Evaluations Due to Participating Agency
5/28/2010New Hampshire: Classified as Highly Regulated Due to Hostile Legislative Climate
5/19/2010New Hampshire: HSLDA Challenges Absurd Ruling in State Supreme Court
5/10/2010New Hampshire - More Action Needed to Protect Privacy
5/7/2010New Hampshire--CHENH Conference Deadline Extended!
5/3/2010New Hampshire: Take Action to Protect Privacy
4/29/2010New Hampshire: Final Proposal Released!
4/16/2010New Hampshire--Visit HSLDA at the CHENH 2010 Family Convention
4/15/2010New Hampshire: Your Efforts Have Made a Difference!
4/13/2010New Hampshire--Technical Difficulties
4/12/2010New Hampshire: Your Action Needed to Defend Against Intrusive Regulations!
3/18/2010New Hampshire: Listen to Debate on HB 1580, Up for Reconsideration TODAY
3/16/2010New Hampshire: Attend Rally to Secure Homeschool Freedom
3/12/2010URGENT - Please Take Immediate Action to SECURE Your Homeschool Freedom
3/10/2010New Hampshire - Your Calls Made a Difference!
3/9/2010New Hampshire -Calls Needed Immediately to Defend Against Intrusive Regulations!
3/4/2010New Hampshire - Correction on Date of Rally at the Capitol!
3/4/2010New Hampshire--Take Action to Recognize Parents' Educational Freedom!
1/20/2010New Hampshire--Submit Comments to New Hampshire Board of Education!
1/15/2010New Hampshire: HB 1580 Recognizes Parents' Fundamental Right!
1/13/2010New Hampshire: Victory HB 368 DEFEATED 324 to 34!
1/12/2010New Hampshire--Take Action: Full House Vote on HB 368 TOMORROW!
1/8/2010New Hampshire: Action Needed to Defend Homeschool Freedom
1/6/2010New Hampshire: Action HB 368 NOT Taken up Today
1/6/2010New Hampshire: House Set to Pass Draconian Law
1/4/2010New Hampshire--Rally and Call to Protect Freedom for Homeschooling