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HSLDA Alerts & Information (NH)

12/16/2009New Hampshire--Your Calls Needed to Protect Freedom for Homeschooling
12/9/2009New Hampshire--URGENT: State Board Public Hearing CANCELED!
12/4/2009New Hampshire--Attend State Board Public Hearing and Support Freedom
11/20/2009N.H.: Victory! HB368 "ITL"--Committee "Studies Hard and Passes Test"
11/17/2009New Hampshire--Email Comments Regarding Home Education Rules!
11/17/2009N.H.--Your Presence and Comments Needed to Defend Homeschooling Freedom
11/11/2009New Hampshire--House Democrat: "Aggressive" with Homeschoolers
11/6/2009New Hampshire--Your Presence Needed to Defend Against Harmful Laws and Rules!
10/27/2009New Hampshire: HB 368 Subcommittee Meetings Tomorrow!
10/21/2009New Hampshire: Legislator Proposes "Every Homeschooler Be Tested Every Year"
10/8/2009New Hampshire--Correction--N.H. Homeschooling Coalition
10/7/2009New Hampshire--News You Can Use to Defend Your Homeschool!
10/2/2009New Hampshire--Education Committee
9/23/2009N.H.--Please Attend HB 368 Survey to Superintendents Subcommittee Work Session
9/3/2009New Hampshire--H.B. 368 Superintendents Subcommittee Work Session Rescheduled
6/15/2009New Hampshire: June 23rd Subcommittee Work Session--CANCELLED!
6/10/2009New Hampshire--New Compulsory School Law Activates June 30!
6/8/2009New Hampshire: Please Attend Home Education Advisory Council Meeting--Tomorrow!
5/27/2009New Hampshire: Homeschool Inquisition Continues
5/11/2009New Hampshire--Reminder: The 2009 Annual CHENH Convention!
5/4/2009New Hampshire--'Definitions' Subcommittee Meeting Canceled for May 6th!
4/30/2009N.H.--Attend "Definitions" Subcommittee Meeting to Resist Governmental Intrusion
4/27/2009New Hampshire--Evaluations and Records Subcommittee to Meet
4/22/2009New Hampshire--Education Committee Initiates
4/20/2009New Hampshire--H.B. 368 to be "Studied" Tomorrow
4/14/2009New Hampshire--Your Help Needed to Defend Traditional Family
4/14/2009New Hampshire--Annual Christian Home Educators of N.H. Convention!
3/25/2009New Hampshire--H.B. 367 Voted Inexpedient to Legislate by the Full House
3/6/2009New Hampshire: H.B. 367 is ITL, But 368 Lives on for Yet another "Study"
2/24/2009New Hampshire--More Action needed to Oppose Threatening Legislation
2/13/2009New Hampshire--THANK YOU for a Record-Breaking Turnout
2/9/2009New Hampshire--Attend Cornerstone Policy Research Press Conference
2/6/2009New Hampshire: Action needed to Oppose Threatening Legislation
1/30/2009New Hampshire - Please Attend Home Education Convention
1/28/2009New Hampshire--Attend Hearing to Oppose Threatening Homeschool Legislation
1/23/2009New Hampshire--Home Education Advisory Council Meets on February 10
1/21/2009New Hampshire--Action Needed to Oppose Threatening Homeschool Legislation
1/16/2009New Hampshire: Most Serious Threat to Homeschool Freedom in New Hampshire