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12/3/2008New Hampshire: Act Now to Prevent Increase in Homeschool Regulation
10/14/2008HSLDA--Your Vote Crucial in Preserving Homeschool Freedom
9/30/2008New Hampshire: Help Stop Increase in Homeschool Regulation
9/3/2008New Hampshire: Home Education Commission to Meet
6/17/2008New Hampshire--Legislative Wrap-Up
6/10/2008New Hampshire: Reminder--Evaluations Due to Participating Agency by July 1
5/29/2008New Hampshire--S.B. 337 House Version Approved by Senate, On to Governor
5/15/2008New Hampshire--S.B. 337 Passed House with Carson Amendment, 188 to 168
5/12/2008New Hampshire--Your Presence Needed to Protest Restrictive Homeschool Bill
5/8/2008New Hampshire--More Calls Needed to Stop Restrictive Homeschool Bill
5/2/2008New Hampshire--ACTION STILL Needed to Defeat Harmful Homeschool Legislation
4/29/2008New Hampshire--Update on Senate Bill 337
4/25/2008New Hampshire--Update on Senate Bill 337
4/17/2008New Hampshire--Your Presence Made a Difference for Homeschool Freedom!
4/14/2008New Hampshire--Attend Tomorrow's Public Hearing to Preserve Homeschool Freedom!
4/3/2008New Hampshire--Homeschool Hearing Continued Because You Showed Up!
4/1/2008New Hampshire--Attend Hearing to Stop Restrictive Homeschool Bill!
3/27/2008New Hampshire--Action Needed to Oppose Changes to State Homeschool Law
3/18/2008New Hampshire--S.B. 337 Passed Senate, Calls Needed to Stop Bill in the House
3/10/2008New Hampshire--Correction on More Calls to Oppose Changes to Homeschool Law
3/10/2008New Hampshire--More Calls Needed to Oppose Changes to State Homeschool Law
3/6/2008New Hampshire--S.B. 337 Going to Full Senate Improved but Still a Threat
3/4/2008New Hampshire--Calls Needed TODAY to Oppose Changes to State Homeschool Law
2/21/2008New Hampshire--More Calls Needed TODAY to Oppose Changes to State Homeschool Law
1/31/2008New Hampshire--Please Oppose Changes to State Homeschool Law
1/7/2008New Hampshire--Action Needed to Protect Parental Rights