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6/9/2005New Hampshire--Your calls helped H.B. 406 survive!
6/8/2005New Hampshire--Calls Needed - Good Homeschool Bill Urgently Needs Your Help
6/6/2005New Hampshire--Calls Needed--Harmful Amendment added to Good Homeschool Bill
5/11/2005New Hampshire--Calling a Few Servant Leaders
5/5/2005New Hampshire--CHENH Convention - A Personal Invitation to Waterville Valley
4/29/2005New Hampshire--Oppose Curriculum Requirement for First-time Homeschoolers
4/25/2005New Hampshire--Calls Needed to Support Bill Simplifying Homeschool Notification
4/15/2005New Hampshire--Announcing the Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire
3/29/2005New Hampshire - Call to Support Bill Simplifying Home Education Notification
3/21/2005New Hampshire--Hearing Tuesday for Bill to Protect Parents' Rights