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HSLDA Alerts & Information (KY)

12/6/2011Kentucky: Urgent Action Needed Today to Stop Covington Daytime Curfew!
10/4/2011Kentucky: Urgent Update on Covington Daytime Curfew Issue!
10/3/2011Kentucky: Additional Action Requested on Covington Daytime Curfew Issue!
9/21/2011Kentucky: Daytime Curfew Tabled
9/15/2011Kentucky: Action Requested--Covington Daytime Curfew Meeting
8/11/2011Kentucky--Deadline to File Notice of Private Homeschool
6/15/2011Kentucky: We hope to see you at the upcoming CHEK Homeschool Conference!
5/31/2011Kentucky: HSLDA Membership Discounted at the 2011 CHEK Homeschool Conference!
2/11/2011Kentucky--Call Now to Oppose Bill that Raises Compulsory School Age