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HSLDA Alerts & Information (DC)

10/14/2008D.C.--Your Vote Crucial in Preserving Homeschool Freedom
8/7/2008District of Columbia--HSLDA Announces Release of Revised D.C. Legal Analysis
7/14/2008District of Columbia--Your Attendance Needed at the Final SBOE Hearing Wednesday
6/30/2008District of Columbia--WRITTEN COMMENTS NEEDED
6/13/2008District of Columbia--Homeschool Regs Removed from Meeting Agenda
6/10/2008D.C: Emails Needed to Support Proposed Changes to Homeschool Regulations
6/4/2008District of Columbia--Update on Tonight's SBOE Working Session
6/2/2008District of Columbia--Your Attendance Needed at SBOE Work Session
5/30/2008D.C.--Calls Needed to Stop Unnecessary Regulation of Homeschoolers
5/30/2008D.C.--WRITTEN COMMENTS NEEDED to Defeat Harmful Homeschool Regulation
5/19/2008District of Columbia--Action Needed to Defeat Harmful Homeschool Regulation
5/8/2008District of Columbia--ACTION NEEDED to Defeat Harmful Homeschool Regulation
5/2/2008District of Columbia--Newest Proposed Rules STILL Threaten Parental Freedom
4/23/2008D.C.--Task Force Makes Some Progress with OSSE, but Challenges Remain
4/4/2008District of Columbia--Committee Appointed to Draft New Homeschool Regulations
3/8/2008District of Columbia--Contact Board Members and Ask for More Time
3/4/2008District of Columbia--Tips on Testifying
3/3/2008District of Columbia--Attend Hearing to Protect Homeschooling Freedom in D.C.!
2/1/2008District of Columbia--Weathering the Storm in the Wake of Tragedy