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10/29/2015Our California Legislative Partners Need Your Help Now
10/1/2015How to File the Private School Affidavit
9/18/2015Reminder to File the Private School Affidavit (PSA)
9/3/2015Victory—AB 713 Stopped
8/18/2015Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Write Governor Brown
7/29/2015CHEA Needs Your Help
7/28/2015Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Call Senate Appropriations Committee
7/15/2015AB 713 Alert Update
7/6/2015 Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten—Call Senate Education Committee
7/1/2015Homeschools Exempt from New Vaccination Law
6/30/2015Vaccination Bill Signed by Governor Brown
6/9/2015Urgent: SB 277--Call Your Assembly Member
6/5/2015SB 277 Call Assembly Health Committee
6/4/2015Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Write Your Senator
5/29/2015Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten—Call Your Assembly Member
5/21/2015 SB 277 Write Your Assembly Member by Monday
5/12/2015SB 277—Call Your State Senator
5/5/2015SB 277—Call Senate Appropriations Committee Members
4/24/2015SB 277 Call Senate Judiciary Committee
4/21/2015SB277: Call Again—New Committee Members
4/13/2015SB 277 Deletes Vaccine Waiver
4/7/2015AB 713 Mandatory Kindergarten - Call Today (Tuesday)!
4/2/2015Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Calls Needed
3/31/2015SB 277 Deletes Vaccine Waiver
1/20/2015California Legislature in Session