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HSLDA Alerts & Information (CA)

11/3/2014Another Major Victory Protecting all Parents and Children
10/15/2014Family Protection Ministries Needs Your Help
10/14/2014Register to Vote NOW--Deadline is Next Monday!
10/1/2014Scholarships Available for Leadership Training
9/30/2014Thank Governor Brown for Vetoing AB 1444
9/29/2014Victory Newsflash: AB 1444 VETOED!
9/8/2014AB 1444--Call Governor Again!
9/2/2014Compulsory School Age Cutoff Date
8/21/2014AB 1444--Passed Legislature--Call Governor Brown to VETO!
8/15/2014Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten - Calls Urgently Needed
8/11/2014AB 1444 Action Alert: Mandatory Kindergarten--Calls Urgently Needed
7/2/2014AB 1444 Vote Postponed--No Action Needed Until August
6/27/2014$100 iGovern Discount for California Residents
6/24/2014AB 1444 - Calls Urgently Needed - Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten
6/16/2014Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Calls Urgently Needed
6/10/2014Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Letters Needed
5/28/2014Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten--Calls Urgently Needed
5/19/2014AB 1444 - Mandatory Kindergarten - Calls Urgently Needed
5/12/2014AB 1444 Vote Postponed--No Action Needed
5/8/2014California Voter Information--June 3 Primary Election
5/7/2014Why Your Attorney Recommends GenJ Camp
5/5/2014Oppose Mandatory Kindergarten
5/5/2014Mandatory Kindergarten Bill Advances--Keep Calling
4/28/2014Early Education Bill Threatens Parental Rights
2/26/2014California Legislature in Session Again
1/6/2014Parenting with a Vision One-Day Conference Set