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HSLDA Alerts & Information (CA)

12/12/2013Urgent--Details on Changes to Vaccine Exemptions
11/4/2013AB 2109 Implementation Update--Exemption for Vaccine Requirements
11/3/2013Urgent calls needed to Senator Barbara Boxer about UN Disabilities Treaty
10/30/2013The formula for homeschool freedom in California
10/8/2013California--Major Victory for Parents
10/1/2013California: How to File the Private School Affidavit
8/15/2013California: Starting Your School Year and Filing the Private School Affidavit
6/19/2013Required School Enrollment Age for California
6/7/2013California: Pick up some savings at the 2013 TCHEN Convention!
5/22/2013California: Pick up some savings at the 2013 SCOPE Homeschool Conference!
5/17/2013California: HSLDA's President and Elizabeth Smith at CHEA Annual Convention!
5/7/2013Correction: HSLDA's Chairman speaking at 2013 CFS Expo Homeschool Convention!
5/7/2013CA: HSLDA's Chairman speaking at 2013 CFS Expo Homeschool Convention!
4/2/2013Reminder: CHEA Convention--At-the-door Registration Available
3/23/2013HSLDA's President J. Michael Smith speaking at 2013 CHEA Bay Conference!
3/14/2013GenJ Camp: Teach Your Teens Government, Save Money
3/11/2013CHEA Homeschool Convention--8 hours left to register online
3/7/2013California: CHEA Convention--Save the Date, April 12-13
1/23/2013California Legislature in Session Again