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April 2011

4/29/2011HSLDA: Administrators Only...
4/29/2011HSLDA: Member Discount for iGovern West
4/29/2011Home School Foundation: Help Struggling Families with Curriculum
4/29/2011Rhode Island--Help Stop Compulsory Age from Rising to 18
4/29/2011GenJ at Classical Education Forum Near You!
4/29/2011Iowa: Three Great HSLDA Speakers at the NICHE 2011 Conference!
4/29/2011Alabama: Two Great HSLDA Speakers at the CHEF Convention!
4/29/2011Connecticut: More Information about the TEACH Convention!
4/28/2011April HSLDA Benefit: PHC Prep Academy
4/28/2011Wisconsin--Surrender Your Freedom, Get Free Stuff, With Public School at Home
4/28/2011Important news for you...
4/27/2011Southern New Mexico & Texas--Homeschool Conference This Week!
4/27/2011New Jersey: ENOCH Convention Early Bird Registration Ends Saturday!
4/27/2011Illinois: Calls Needed to Stop Truancy Ordinance
4/27/2011Alabama: Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
4/27/2011For you and your group...
4/25/2011Rhode Island: Call by Wednesday to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion to 18
4/25/2011Mississippi: State Supreme Court Vacates Judge's Order Seeking Homeschool Info
4/21/2011Restore Parental Rights and Increase Freedom
4/21/2011HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru the Early Years Newsletter--April 2011
4/18/2011HSLDA: Young Men's Purity Seminar
4/15/2011Georgia--Vicki Bentley and Dianne Craft to Speak at the GHEA Conference!
4/15/2011Join Mike Smith for National Training Session
4/15/2011HSLDA: Save Big At GenJ's iGovern West!
4/14/2011Exclusive Mother's Day offer: Pair HSF's cookbook with a vintage apron
4/13/2011Missouri--Branson Using Ploy to get "Declaration of Enrollment"
4/13/2011Mississippi--HSLDA Membership Discounted at MHEA 2011 Spring Conference!
4/13/2011Indiana--Michael P. Farris to Speak at the IAHE Annual Convention in June!
4/13/2011Arkansas--HSLDA Membership Discounted at TEA Searcy Convention!
4/13/2011Texas--HSLDA Membership Discounted at Concho Valley Conference!
4/13/2011Tennessee--HSLDA Membership Discounted at Nashville Home Education Expo!
4/13/2011Illinois--HSLDA's Scott Woodruff to Speak at APACHE Convention!
4/13/2011Michigan--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the Annual INCH Convention!
4/13/2011Texas--HSLDA Membership Discounted at FEAST 2011 Convention!
4/13/2011West Virginia--Michael P. Donnelly to Speak at the CHEWV Conference!
4/13/2011Indiana--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the Fort Wayne Expo!
4/13/2011California: Los Angeles Public Hearing on Daytime Curfews
4/13/2011New York--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the Buffalo Catholic Conference!
4/13/2011New York--Becky Cooke to Speak at LEAH Upstate Conference!
4/13/2011Iowa--Deadlines Trump Good and Bad Bills
4/12/2011Oklahoma--It's Not Too Late to Register for OCHEC's Conferences!
4/12/2011Oregon--Your Calls Needed to Support Good Bill!
4/11/2011Texas: House Considers Opposition to National Standards
4/11/2011Wyoming--Generation Joshua Hosting Teen Track at HOW 2011 Convention!
4/11/2011California--HSLDA Membership Discounted at CFS 2011 Convention!
4/8/2011Patrick Henry College staff positions open
4/8/2011North Dakota--Homeschool Bill Becomes Law
4/7/2011Illinois--SR 92 Epilogue, ICHE Legislative Day
4/7/2011Maine--Committee Hears Evidence to Restore Aspirations and Special Ed Services
4/7/2011Mississippi--Supreme Court Stays Proceedings
4/7/2011Mississippi--HSLDA Press Release Regarding Judge's Order
4/6/2011Texas--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the Arlington Home School Book Fair!
4/6/2011Missouri--Scott Woodruff to Speak at the SHEM 2011 Conference
4/6/2011Chicopee Responds--No Action Needed
4/6/2011Florida: Important-Possible Impact of SB 2156
4/5/2011Colorado: Your Attendance Needed at the 2011 Homeschool Day at the Capitol!
4/5/2011Massachusetts: School District Threatens to Deny Homeschooling
4/5/2011Illinois--Sen. Lightford Agrees to Drop U.N. Resolution!
4/4/2011Mississippi: HSLDA Opposing Court Order
4/4/2011Illinois--Place Calls: Hearing Wednesday on Resolution in Support of UN Treaty
4/1/2011Oregon--Bad Bill Adds Volunteers to Mandatory Reporters
4/1/2011Maine: Call, Attend Crucial Hearing in Augusta on April 6 to Restore Equal Acces
4/1/2011Indiana--Vicki Bentley to Speak at IFHS Workshops on April 9!
4/1/2011Washington, D.C.--Will Estrada to Speak at FRC Panel Discussion!