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December 2011

12/21/2011Michigan: Victory! Michigan parents win medical decision-making case
12/15/2011Washington: Register Now for the 2012 Homeschool Day at the Capitol!
12/14/2011Register NOW for 2012 Spring Constitutional Law Online with Michael Farris, LLM
12/14/2011Help Homeschoolers While You Shop Online
12/14/2011Your Calls to Congress Stall Mandatory Reporting Bill
12/12/2011Urgent--Calls Needed To Oppose Federal Mandatory Reporting Bill
12/8/2011New Jersey--Calls No Longer Needed on Huttle-Weinberg Bills
12/8/2011Alabama--Compulsory Attendance Bills for 2012
12/7/2011Truancy Charges? Sorry--Our Mistake
12/6/2011Kentucky: Urgent Action Needed Today to Stop Covington Daytime Curfew!
12/6/2011New Jersey: House Bill Increases Legislative Threat
12/5/2011California Hearing Officer: "Claimant's Home School Constitutes a Private School
12/2/2011Homeschool Legislation Moves Forward
12/1/2011Homeschool Leadership Positions Available
12/1/2011Idaho--Pocatello Doors Expected to Open in January