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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
January 2011

1/31/2011North Dakota--Calls Needed on Homeschool Freedom Bill!
1/31/2011North Dakota--Visit HSLDA at the NDHSA 2011 Convention!
1/31/2011Hawaii--Visit HSLDA at the Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii 2011 Conference!
1/28/2011Iowa--Attend Hearing to Protect Traditional Marriage
1/28/2011Ohio: Legislature Now in Session!
1/28/2011Nebraska: Legislature Now in Session
1/28/2011Massachusetts: Legislature Now in Session
1/28/2011West Virginia: Legislature Now in Session!
1/28/2011Wyoming: Legislature Now in Session!
1/28/2011Minnesota--S.F. 69 Passes Education Committee!
1/28/2011South Dakota--Urgent: Your Help Needed to Support Homeschool Bill
1/27/2011New Hampshire: HB 301--Best Plan for Homeschoolers
1/26/2011HSLDA Special Offer: A Sweet Deal for Your Valentine
1/24/2011Montana: Calls Needed to Stop Tax Bill
1/21/2011Iowa--Call to Protect Traditional Marriage
1/21/2011Virginia--Full Committee Hearing on Sports Access Bill Monday
1/21/2011Iowa: Energize your Homeschool at the NICHE Annual Conference!
1/21/2011Minnesota--Action Needed to Enhance Homeschool Freedom!
1/21/2011New Mexico: Legislature Now Open--Come Attend Capitol Day Feb. 10!
1/21/2011Texas: Legislature Now in Session
1/20/2011South Dakota: Legislature Now in Session
1/20/2011California: Legislature in Session
1/19/2011Illinois--Daytime Curfew Threat Defeated!
1/19/2011Virginia--Sports Access Bill Hearing Tomorrow
1/19/2011Oklahoma: Plan Now to Attend Home Education Day at the Capitol!
1/18/2011Wyoming--House Bill 86 Passes Education Committee!
1/18/2011Montana--Compulsory Attendance Age Bill Defeated
1/14/2011Illinois--Act Now to Stop Proposed Daytime Curfew
1/14/2011HSLDA: 2011 Graduation Items Now Available
1/14/2011New Jesery--Energize Your Homeschool at the ENOCH Homeschool Convention!
1/14/2011Hawaii: Make Your Plans Now to Attend the 2011 CHOH Conference!
1/14/2011California--Energize Your Homeschool at the CHEA of California Convention!
1/13/2011Wyoming--Your Action Needed to Support Homeschool Freedom!
1/12/2011Minnesota--Minnesota Legislature In Session
1/11/2011Florida--Please Attend Lee County School Board Meeting Tonight
1/11/2011California--Action Needed to Oppose San Juan Capistrano Daytime Curfew
1/7/2011Indiana--Energize Your Homeschool at the Annual IAHE Convention!
1/7/2011Florida--Will Estrada to Speak at the 2011 Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference!
1/7/2011Alabama--Energize Your Homeschool at the CHEF of Alabama Conference!
1/7/2011Michigan--Visit HSLDA at the Mid-Winter Conference for Home Educators
1/7/2011Montana--Calls Needed to Oppose Compulsory Attendance Age Bill
1/5/2011HSLDA: Register Now for High School Teacher Training
1/5/2011Nevada--Dianne Craft speaking at 2011 Nevada Symposium!
1/5/2011New York--Energize Your Homeschool at the Annual LEAH Conference!
1/5/2011Pennsylvania--Energize Your Homeschool at the Annual CHAP Convention!
1/5/2011Georgia: Energize Your Homeschool at the GHEA Convention