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June 2011

6/29/2011With this, you can see what it's like...
6/28/2011Maryland--"Environmental Literacy" Mandate Explained
6/28/2011Illinois--Belleville Mayor Says Daytime Curfew Will Be Dropped
6/27/2011GenJ Oahu Camp Registration Deadline July 1
6/27/2011Illinois--Heads Up for Statewide Daytime Curfew-Truancy Craze
6/24/2011Maine--Access Bill Needs Crucial Help!
6/24/2011Rhode Island: Calls Needed to Stop Compulsory School Age Increase
6/24/2011Illinois: Belleville Revision No Improvement
6/24/2011A freebie: Did you know this amazing, very-cool info?...
6/24/2011Maine: Compulsory Attendance Bill Booted Back to Committee
6/24/2011Tennessee--Reminder: New SMHEA Conference Location!
6/23/2011South Dakota--Homeschool Form Being Revised
6/23/2011Iowa--Submit Evaluations by June 30
6/22/2011Illinois--100 Assemble to Stop Belleville's Daytime Curfew
6/22/2011New Hampshire--Reminder: Evaluations Due to Participating Agency
6/22/2011West Virginia--Reminder: End-of-Year Assessment Due by June 30
6/20/2011New Hampshire: Are You a Leader?
6/20/2011Maine: Call By Thursday to Stop Compulsory School Age Expansion
6/20/2011Rhode Island: Please Call Now to Oppose Compulsory School Age Increase
6/17/2011Illinois: Boone County Enacts Daytime Curfew-Truancy Ordinance
6/17/2011Connecticut: Bad Bill Dies
6/16/2011One family's story: How your membership helps
6/16/2011Illinois: Call Now to Oppose Belleville Daytime Curfew Ordinance
6/15/2011HSLDA: We hope to see you at the upcoming CHEK Homeschool Conference!
6/15/2011Kentucky: We hope to see you at the upcoming CHEK Homeschool Conference!
6/15/2011This summer, we can help you do this...
6/14/2011Illinois: Help Stop Daytime Curfew in Boone County Tomorrow
6/13/2011Illinois: Boone County Showdown on Wednesday
6/10/2011California--It's Not Too Late to Register for the CHEA Homeschool Convention!
6/9/2011Kansas: Calls No Longer Needed About University Admissions
6/9/2011Tennessee--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the WTHEA Annual Conference!
6/9/2011Florida--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the 2011 HERI Convention!
6/9/2011California--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the TCHEN Convention!
6/9/2011Texas--HSLDA Membership Discounted at the CHC of Central Texas!
6/9/2011Illinois--Oppose Curfew, Truancy Ordinance at Hearing June 15
6/9/2011Kansas--Your Help Needed to Stop Unfair Admissions Rules
6/8/2011Arizona--Save up to 50% at AFHE Conference by Pre-registering Now!
6/8/2011Minnesota: Governor Vetoes Homeschool Freedom
6/8/2011New York--Dangerous CPS Bill Could Pass at any Time!
6/6/2011Another freebie for you...
6/3/2011I'm embarrassed to admit this...
6/2/2011HSLDA to Marple: We'll Fight!
6/1/2011Illinois: Revised Boone County Ordinance Deserves Swift Defeat