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HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)
January 2010

1/29/2010West Virginia: Increase in Compulsory Attendance Age Proposed
1/29/2010Michigan--Visit HSLDA at the Kalamazoo Area Homeschool Association 2010 Expo!
1/29/2010Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the SWIHE 16th Annual Convention!
1/29/2010Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the Indiana Homeschool Support 2010 Conference!
1/29/2010Indiana--Visit HSLDA at the IAHE 25th Annual Convention!
1/29/2010Colorado--Visit HSLDA at the Home Instruction Ministries' Curriculum Fair!
1/29/2010Hawaii--Visit HSLDA at the Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii 2010 Conference
1/29/2010HSLDA: A Sweet Deal for Your Valentine
1/28/2010Colorado: Email Address Correction
1/27/2010HSLDA: Free @home e-vent on Home Instruction in North Carolina
1/27/2010New Mexico: Positive Outcome to New PED Rule
1/27/2010Louisiana: High School Athletic Association Vote to Allow Access to Sports
1/27/2010Colorado: Calls Needed to Ensure Parents are Informed of Immunization Exemptions
1/20/2010Wyoming--Compulsory School Attendance Bill Dies--Freedom Prevails!
1/20/2010HSLDA: Parental Rights Update from Michael Farris
1/20/2010New Hampshire--Submit Comments to New Hampshire Board of Education!
1/19/2010Oklahoma: Action Needed--Home Education Freedom Threatened!
1/18/2010Wyoming: Hearing at 8:30
1/18/2010Wyoming: Action Needed to Defend Freedom in Wyoming
1/18/2010KANSAS: Capitol Rally for Freedom
1/15/2010New Hampshire: HB 1580 Recognizes Parents' Fundamental Right!
1/15/2010Michigan--Visit HSLDA at the Mid-Winter Home Educator's Conference
1/15/2010Florida--Announcing the 2010 Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference and Expo
1/15/2010Nebraska--Reminder: Parental Rights in Education Symposium with Michael P. Farris
1/14/2010Washington: Bill Allows any Person to Petition for Visitation--Calls Needed
1/13/2010Illinois--Check for Daytime Curfew Proposal in Your Town!
1/13/2010Wyoming--Legislative Sessions Begins Soon
1/13/2010New Hampshire: Victory HB 368 DEFEATED 324 to 34!
1/12/2010New York: Discussion on Legal Status of Homeschooling
1/12/2010New Hampshire--Take Action: Full House Vote on HB 368 TOMORROW!
1/8/2010South Dakota--Rapid City Demands Homeschool Kids stay in School
1/8/2010New Hampshire: Action Needed to Defend Homeschool Freedom
1/7/2010West Virginia--WESTEST Optional For Homeschoolers
1/6/2010New Hampshire: Action HB 368 NOT Taken up Today
1/6/2010New Hampshire: House Set to Pass Draconian Law
1/6/2010New Jersey--Same-Sex Marriage--Calls Needed Immediately
1/6/2010HSLDA: Register Now for 2010 Spring Constitutional Law Online!
1/4/2010New Hampshire--Rally and Call to Protect Freedom for Homeschooling