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January 2008

1/31/2008New Hampshire--Please Oppose Changes to State Homeschool Law
1/31/2008Nebraska--Hearing On L.B. 1141 Set for February 26
1/31/2008Hawaii--Calls Needed to Stop Home Visits of Innocent Families!
1/31/2008New Mexico--More Calls Needed to Stop Domestic Partnerships Bill
1/30/2008Virginia--Gloucester County Sends Unauthorized 'Survey'
1/30/2008Nebraska--Your Attendance Needed to Oppose Threatening Homeschool Bill
1/30/2008Indiana: Calls Needed to Support Marriage Amendment in House
1/29/2008Virginia--Calls Needed Now To Increase Assessment Options
1/29/2008California--Defeat of AB 755 - Prohibition of Spanking
1/29/2008West Virginia--Calls Needed to Oppose Expansion of State Control Over Children
1/28/2008New Mexico--Calls Needed, Domestic Partnerships Bill on the Move
1/28/2008Indiana: Calls Needed--Marriage Amendment Voted out of Committee
1/25/2008HSLDA--Florida Marriage Protection Amendment Still Needs Signatures
1/25/2008Colorado--Calls Needed Now to Help Pass a $1000 Tax Credit for Homeschoolers
1/25/2008New Mexico--Correction Regarding Time, Place for Day at the Capitol!
1/25/2008California: Impact of SB 777-- Homosexuality & Schools
1/25/2008Virginia--Calls Needed Immediately to Expand Year-End Assessment Options
1/25/2008Mississippi - Calls Needed to Stop Testing Bill
1/25/2008Michigan: Calls Needed Now to Oppose Expansion of State Control Over Education
1/24/2008Virginia--Calls Needed to Help Pass Tax Credit for Homeschoolers!
1/24/2008Nebraska--Worst Bill in Recent History Would Restrict Homeschool Freedom
1/23/2008HSLDA--Michael Farris Speaking on Parental Rights in Dallas, Texas
1/23/2008New Mexico--Your Voice Crucial in Preserving Traditional Family
1/23/2008HSLDA--Constitutional Law Symposium Coming to San Antonio
1/22/2008New Mexico--Your Voice Crucial in Preserving Traditional Family
1/22/2008California--AB 755--Prohibition of Spanking
1/22/2008New Mexico--We Need You to Come to the Annual Home School Day at the Capitol!
1/18/2008Virginia--Calls Needed Immediately to Expand Year-End Assessment Options
1/18/2008Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association (NCHEA) Legislative Day
1/18/2008Vermont--Bill Prohibits Parents from Accessing Their Children's Library Records
1/18/2008Wyoming--WyWatch Sponsors a 'We the People' Day on February 15
1/18/2008Washington--Announcing the Homeschool Capitol Day!
1/18/2008Tennessee--Announcing the 2nd Annual Tri-Cities Midwinter Homeschool Convention
1/17/2008West Virginia--Action Needed to Oppose Bad Driver's License Bill
1/17/2008California: Proposal Defeated--A very encouraging VICTORY!
1/16/2008Florida--Marriage Amendment in Jeopardy!
1/14/2008Ohio--Attend North Royalton City Council Meeting to Oppose Daytime Curfew
1/14/2008HSLDA: 2008 Art Contest Deadline Approaching
1/14/2008Virginia--Bill Introduced to Expand Assessment Options
1/11/2008Virginia--Come to 'Day at the Capitol' February 7, 2008
1/10/2008Germany--Please Help the Landahl Family
1/10/2008Connecticut--Announcing TEACH Capitol Day!
1/8/2008HSLDA: Deadline Extended for Spring Constitutional Law Online
1/8/2008HSLDA--2nd Annual Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati
1/7/2008New Hampshire--Action Needed to Protect Parental Rights
1/4/2008North Dakota--Announcing Homeschool Day at the Capitol!