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E-lert Service Publications

 HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)

Urgent action alerts and other information for the homeschool community. This publication is the foundation of the HSLDA E-lert Service and is a required publication for all subscribers.
Recent HSLDA Alerts & Information (ALL)

11/30/2017Parental Rights Amendment Re-Introduced in Both Houses of Congress—Call Congress Now!
11/29/2017Update: Come to Miami-Dade Update on Homeschooling
11/22/2017Miami-Dade: Join Me for an Update on Homeschooling
11/9/2017Urgent Calls Needed: Bill Introduced in Congress to Create Massive New Federal Data Collection
11/9/2017State Education Officials Threaten Homeschool Freedom

 HSLDA's Weekly Updates

Weekly updates on what's happening at HSLDA and in the world of homeschooling.
Recent HSLDA's Weekly Updates

12/6/2017Homeschooled Surfer Turns Pro at 17 -- HSLDA Weekly
11/29/2017Texas Homeschooler: Artist, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur--HSLDA Weekly
11/15/2017Legislator Apologizes for Calling Homeschooling “Child Abuse”--HSLDA Weekly
11/8/2017Mike Smith's Outlaw Days -- HSLDA Weekly
11/1/2017District: Pick Any Science Course You Want--As Long as It’s Biology -- HSLDA Weekly

 Homeschooling Toddlers to Tweens Newsletters

Regular encouragement and guidance for families who are homeschooling preschool through middle school children.
Recent Homeschooling Toddlers to Tweens Newsletters

11/16/2017Encouraging Gratitude through Thank-you Notes
10/20/2017Holidays as Homeschool Curriculum
9/21/201713 Tips and Tricks for Occupying the Littles
8/17/2017Cultivating a Heart of Kindness
7/20/2017Let Your Kids Help in the Kitchen! Here’s How

 Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletters

Regular encouragement and guidance for families who are homeschooling through high school.
Recent Homeschooling Thru High School Newsletters

12/7/2017Five Ways to Show Respect for Your Teen
11/2/2017Teaching Teens High School English
10/5/2017Teaching Teens Time Management Skills
9/7/2017The College Search and Application Process
8/2/2017The Heart of Volunteering: Ways to Engage Your Teens

 Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner

Past experience has shown that the parent is the best teacher for a child who is struggling with the learning process in any way. The goal of the monthly newsletter is to help equip parents to identify their child&rsquo
Recent Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner

11/9/2017Homeschooling a Child with a Nonverbal Learning Disability | Part 1: Math
10/12/2017Trusting vs. Trying: One Homeschooling Mom’s Story of Throwing Conventional Curriculum Overboard
9/14/2017Motivating the Reluctant Learner
8/10/2017“I Give Up!” (or, How Mediated Learning Can Help Your Child)
7/13/2017Healing Teaching: The Right RX for the “Learning Flu”

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