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October 19, 2005

Army Offering More Benefits to Homeschool Graduates

HSLDA has been working with the military for several years to remove discriminatory barriers for homeschool graduates. As a result, many homeschoolers are serving our country faithfully in the armed services.

This year, the Army has been aggressively forging ahead to open doors for homeschoolers.

The Army has recently implemented a policy change, which makes qualified homeschoolers eligible for the same Army enlistment incentives as a traditional high school graduate! Cash bonuses up to $20,000 for enlistments of three or more years and access to the Army College Fund, which provides up to $70,000 for college, are included in the benefits the Army is now making available to homeschoolers.

This change in the Army's policy is part of a special test program that is being developed to identify applicants who are likely to adapt to the Army and successfully complete their first term of service.

In the past, the Army has found that individuals with traditional high school diplomas adapt to the rigors of military life the best. However, homeschoolers, who do not have traditional high school diplomas, are now proving themselves to be successful in the military as well.

For more information on the Army's new pilot program, contact your local Army recruiter or visit

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