October 4, 2005

HSLDA’s Philadelphia National Conference

This year’s national conference was held at the Hilton in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Over the 3 days, September 28th to October 1st, we were reminded about the founding of our nation and the struggle for freedom. It is a never ending battle, and coming together enabled us to be an encouragement to one another as well as to redouble our efforts to be salt and light to a dying world.

Over 450 attended and experienced many challenging and stimulating workshops and plenary addresses. There was a wide range of topics discussed, which can be found here.

Though the conference was focused on leaders in the homeschool community, it is vital that we raise up the next generation of leaders, prepared to advance freedom in the future. HSLDA’s new program, Generation Joshua, offered the teens at the conference an opportunity to reenact the founding of the nation via a mock constitutional convention.

Since so much of our nation’s history has been determined by what happened in Philadelphia in 1787 it is the perfect location to rediscover the historical roots of the nation. In addition, Michael Farris, Chairman and General Counsel of HSLDA, conducted a guided tour of Philadelphia. Nearly 200 people joined him and had a new found appreciation of what the founding fathers achieved.

The conference was a great success. Homeschooling continues to grow, and as more homeschoolers graduate the world will more fully appreciate the benefits of a home education. Our leaders recommitted themselves to promote homeschooling in their states and by God’s grace tens of thousands of additional families will discover the wisdom behind home education before our 2006 conference, which will be in Nashville.

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