April 11, 2003

Update: Judicial Nominee Still on Hold

Thank you for your calls to the United States Senate regarding the nomination of Miguel Estrada. A majority of Senators have publicly pledged to vote for Estrada, however, a significant minority of Senators refuse to end the filibuster, preventing further action on his nomination. The Senate has voted four times to end this filibuster, but to-date the vote has been 55-44, five short of what is needed. President Bush first nominated Mr. Estrada on May 9, 2001, but the Senate did not consider his nomination for a vote during the 107th Congress. On January 7, 2003 Mr. Estrada's nomination was reintroduced to the Senate's 108th Congress.

A few weeks ago Home School Legal Defense Association sent out an alert encouraging everyone to make phone calls asking for an end to the filibuster. If you have not yet called your Senator, please do so.

To find out if your Senators oppose or support Mr. Estrada go to: http://www.hslda.org/Legislation/National/2003/SEstrada/SenPositions.asp

For more detailed information on Miguel Estrada's nomination please go to: http://www.hslda.org/Legislation/National/2003/SEstrada/default.asp