January 23, 2003

Plans for Restrictive Homeschooling Law in Idaho Abandoned

We thank all of you who called Representative Wendy Jaquet's office to protest her stated goal of regulating Idaho's homeschoolers. We have recently learned she has decided not to introduce a bill "to ensure testing and registration for children who are homeschooled."

By hand delivered letter, the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators (ICHE) board advised Representative Jaquet of homeschoolers opposition to such requirements. In a subsequent discussion with attorney Barry Peters of ICHE, Representative Jaquet has provided assurances that she now has no plans to submit such bills this session. She has further indicated that she will not introduce any such bills in the future without first discussing them with the homeschool leaders.

We are thankful for Representative Jaquet's willingness to listen to our concerns. We will continue to watch for other legislation that may erode homeschool freedom.

Meanwhile, we are working with ICHE to draft and find a sponsor for a bill to prevent state universities from discriminating against homeschoolers seeking college admission. Due to state policy, homeschoolers have been told they must obtain a GED to graduate from state universities. We believe the legislature is willing to remedy this situation and end the discrimination.

We will keep you posted. Thanks for standing with us for freedom!

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