January 13, 2003

Legislative Season Is Off And Running

Across the country, legislatures are opening their sessions, and Home School Legal Defense Association is gearing up to defend the rights of homeschoolers everywhere. One terrible bill has already been filed in North Dakota, a bill has been introduced in Maine that would create a new, less restrictive homeschool option, and legislation is being prepared or has been filed to bring more freedom to homeschoolers in Iowa, West Virginia, and Vermont. Please visit our web site in the upcoming weeks for more information on these bills.


HSLDA is committed to stopping any legislation that may harm homeschoolers. We are also committed to promoting legislation that would expand your freedom to home school. Our electronic legislation tracking service notifies us of any bills that refer to issues regarding homeschooling rights including: homeschools, private schools, parental rights, religious liberties, compulsory attendance, child welfare code, teacher certification, university admission standards, curfews, education tax credits, etc. We carefully analyze these bills and continue to monitor their progress through the legislature.

If you have subscribed to our E-lert service, you will receive information on the legislation we are following. This will enable you to contact your legislature, in a timely fashion, armed with accurate information. Many bad bills have been killed and many good bills passed during previous legislative sessions because of the rapid response of homeschoolers!

We need you! Without your action on our E-lerts, we cannot effectively preserve and expand our freedoms.

Last year, for example, we monitored, lobbied, and testified on hundreds of bills including:

This year will be no different. So what steps can you as a homeschooling family take to be an active citizen?

  • Sign up for HSLDA's E-lert service, to stay abreast of current news.

  • Get all your homeschooling friends to sign up for E-lerts as well.

  • When a legislative alert comes up, participate by calling, writing, or attending hearings. Legislators pay attention when there is a large groundswell of support for or opposition to a bill.

  • Visit the legislative map on HSLDA's website www.hslda.org to keep up to date on bills in your state.

  • Pray that your legislators would have wisdom and courage this year to do what's right rather than just what is politically expedient.