December 18, 2002

Nevada State Board of Education Passes New Homeschool Regulations

The Nevada State Board of Education met on Saturday, December 14, and approved MOST but not all of the changes to the homeschooling regulations proposed by Nevada homeschoolers.

Read the new regulations at:

(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

This was a great relief to three families from Goldfield, Nevada, whom Child Protective Services had expressly threatened with removal of their children unless they signed their county's homeschool paperwork (in accordance with the old regulations). They signed their county's forms under protest and with the express condition that any agreement they entered into would be binding only until the State Board amended the regulations.

Home School Legal Defense Association is pleased with the changes that were enacted by the State Board of Education. We were, however, surprised and disappointed at the last-minute objections that kept us from improving the law governing homeschool consultants. Nevada is one of only two states in the country that legally require a consultant for new homeschoolers. In the other 48 states, local support groups voluntarily give new homeschoolers a helping hand, with excellent results. The consistent experience of other states proves that there is no need for a law mandating consultants for new homeschoolers. HSLDA is committed to work together with Nevada's homeschool organizations to repeal the consultant law sometime in the future.

HSLDA has spent years encouraging the growth of strong local support groups that voluntarily help new homeschoolers. We urge all HSLDA members to join and support their state and local homeschool organizations. And, we encourage every family with three or more years of homeschool experience to volunteer their time to help new families get started.

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