November 22, 2002

HSLDA Meets with State Department

On November 14, 2002, National Center Director Tom Washburne and an HSLDA member who is a Foreign Service Officer met for nearly two hours with several representatives of the State Department to discuss the needs of homeschoolers. Homeschooling is becoming an increasingly popular option for State Department personnel stationed abroad.

At the meeting, the State Department indicated its willingness to consider the varied challenges facing their homeschooling families, and promised to see that they were treated equitably and in a non-discriminatory fashion. Most importantly, it was agreed that homeschooling families in the State Department should be consulted as new policies concerning home education are considered.

According to Washburne, "The State Department should be commended for its efforts to hear and react to the needs of homeschoolers. These families face extraordinary challenges serving American interests in places that many Americans never even know exist. We will do everything we can to see that their desire to homeschool in these far away lands can be met."