November 4, 2002

Public Supports Increased Federal Role In Education

In September 2002, the professional education association Phi Delta Kappan reported in its journal the results of the 34th Annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll of the Public Attitudes Toward the Public Schools. Of interest to the National Center for Home Education was the finding that 57% of the public welcomes the possibility of an increased federal role in K 12 schools. Only 34% indicated such an increasing role was a "bad thing". Among people aged 18 29, support for an increased federal role rose to 72%.

Besides being an unconstitutional exercise of federal power, increasing the federal role in education policy could result in a dramatic impact on home education freedoms. Currently, education policy decisions are made largely in the states, resulting in numerous opportunities to correct mistaken policies on a state-by-state basis. Should the federal government assert more control, the opportunity exists for home education freedoms to be diminished in all fifty states by the stroke of just one pen. HSLDA will continue to work to see that education policy is not made in Washington, DC.